Groves Christian College Courses

BSB30115 Certificate III in Business & BSB50215 Diploma of Business

BSB - Dual

This dual qualification will help to enhance knowledge and skills in the business world and is great for learners looking to pursue a career in Business Management. Learners will develop a high level of skills that are used in a variety of industry sectors and teams across the business world. They will gain contemporary corporate skills with business knowledge and expertise with this dual qualification.

Certificate I in Construction


This qualification will help learners develop basic skills in carpentry. Learners will learn to read and interpret plans and specifications, measure and perform calculations, handle construction materials, use construction tools and equipment and undertake a basic construction project. A General Safety Induction (White Card) is also delivered in this course, which is an industry requirement for you to work on a Queensland construction site.

Certificate II in Business


Whether you just want to brush up on your office administration skills, or you need to learn these skills from scratch, this course will teach you the basics of working in a business environment. This course has been designed to teach you about different procedures in business including becoming proficient in office technology (such as using a computer), dealing with customers and clients, and developing your writing skills.

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology


This course will give learners the foundational skills needed to work effectively in an information technology environment. The skills and knowledge gained in this course are able to be applied in any industry and is beneficial to those wanting to increase their digital literacy.

Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways


This qualification allows learners to develop skills to prepare for work or further education and is suitable for those looking for a pathway into employment or vocational training.  It is also suitable for learners wishing to improve their reading, writing, numeracy and oral communication skills. They will gain a basic knowledge of business activities and the skills necessary to undertake routine activities typically required in a business environment.

Certificate III in Business


This qualification will help you to build a career in business administration. You will gain a broad range of administrative and business skills that can be used in any business role. You will learn how to manage and maintain good customer service, produce business documents and spreadsheets, maintain business records, and the basics of workplace organisation. This qualification will give you confidence to work in a variety of business administration support roles and will help you improve your efficiency in regular business operations.

SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism, SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality, & SIT20416 Certificate II in Kitchen Operations


This qualifications enables learners to complete a Certificate II in Tourism, Certificate II Hospitality, and a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations.  Learning will include basic skills to work effectively and safely, how to interact with customers, source and provide information and service to customers while gaining skills to boost industry knowledge and communication.  Upon successful completion of the qualification, learners will be ready to seek employment in the hospitality industry as an apprentice or kitchen hand.

SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality & SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism


These qualifications enable learners to gain skills to work effectively and safely, learn how to interact with customers, source and provide information and service to customers while gaining skills to boost industry knowledge and communication.