Groves Christian College Courses

Certificate I in Construction


This qualification provides an introduction to the construction industry, its culture,
occupations, job roles and workplace expectations. The units of competency cover
essential work health and safety requirements, the industrial and work organisation
structure, communications skills, work planning, and employability skills in context. A
General Safety Induction (White Card) is also delivered in this course, which is an
industry requirement for you to work on a Queensland construction site.

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations


If you've dreamed of working in a fast-paced restaurant environment, this could be the course for you.  You will study basic food preparation and cooking skills to jump start your career in the hospitality industry.  This qualification emphasises the practical and theoretical skills you will need to work effectively in a commercial kitchen including hygiene, health and safety, and security procedures.  Upon successful completion of the program you will be ready to seek employment in the hospitality industry as an apprentice or kitchen hand.

Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways


This qualification allows learners to develop skills to prepare for work or further education and is suitable for those looking for a pathway into employment or vocational training.  It is also suitable for learners wishing to improve their reading, writing, numeracy and oral communication skills. They will gain a basic knowledge of business activities and the skills necessary to undertake routine activities typically required in a business environment.

Certificate II in Workplace Skills


This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of entry-level Business Services job roles as well as individuals who have not yet entered the workforce. These individuals carry out a range of basic procedural, clerical, administrative or operational tasks that require self-management and technology skills. They perform a range of mainly routine tasks using limited practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge in a defined context. Individuals in these roles generally work under direct supervision.

Certificate III in BusinessStand Alone


This qualification will help you to build a career in business administration. You will gain a broad range of administrative and business skills that can be used in any business role. You will learn how to manage and maintain good customer service, produce business documents and spreadsheets, maintain business records, and the basics of workplace organisation. This qualification will give you confidence to work in a variety of business administration support roles and will help you improve your efficiency in regular business operations. 

SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality & SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism


These qualifications enable learners to gain skills to work effectively and safely, learn how to interact with customers, source and provide information and service to customers while gaining skills to boost industry knowledge and communication.