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Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

This qualification allows learners to develop skills to prepare for work or further education and is suitable for those looking for a pathway into employment or vocational training. It is also suitable for learners wishing to improve their reading, writing, numeracy and oral communication skills. They will gain a basic knowledge of business activities and the skills necessary to undertake routine activities typically required in a business environment.


Delivery Mode
Face to Face & Online

Chinchilla Christian College
Dalby Christian College
Endeavour Christian College

Groves Christian College
Groves Christian College Distance Education
Livingstone Christian College

Equivalent to 4 Terms (1 Year) - learners must have completed the qualification prior to 26/11/2021

QCE Credits
This course contributes to QCE Credits.  Please see your Careers advisor for more information.

There are no additional fees to the learner.

Entry Requirements
Learners are required to take a Language, Literacy & Numeracy assessment pre-enrolment.  This will help us support you if necessary in achieving a successful course outcome.

Possible Pathway Options
Learners may continue with further study post school with another RTO.

Possible Career Outcomes
Learners may gain a pathway to employment or vocational training.

Course Units
To complete FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, learners must complete eight (8) core units and six (6) elective units.

Core Units  
FKSDIG03 Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks
FSKLRG09 Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
FSKLRG11 Use routine strategies for work-related learning
FSKNUM14 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
FSKNUM15 Estimate, measure and calculate routine metric measurements for work
FSKOCM07 Interact effectively with others at work
FSKRDG10 Read and respond to routine workplace information
FSKWTG09 Write routine workplace texts
Elective Units*  
FSKRDG02 Read and respond to basic workplace signs and symbols
FSKNUM11 Read and use familiar maps, plans and diagrams for work
BSBITU211 Produce digital text documents
BSBLED101 Plan skills development
BSBITU112 Develop keyboard skills
FSKNUM20 Use basic functions of a calculator

Training and Assessment
Learners are expected to engage in class/online chat sessions on a regular basis, meet course requirements and undertake a certain amount of self-directed preparation, reading and practice at their initiative and in their own time. 

Assessments include observation of performance, short answer questions, quizzes, activity sheets, case studies, role plays, portfolio of documents, and assignments.

Digital Equipment
Learners will need access to a digital video recording device and/or a digital camera and associated software to save and upload video, image and audio files to Learner.Link.  Software such as Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Viewer etc. are available as a free download from the internet.

Download the Course Description here

*Correct at time of publication, subject to change
30 July 2020

Upcoming Programs

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
FSK20113 - EndeavourCC - 2020 27/01/2020 26/11/2021 $0.00
FSK20113 - LivingstoneCC - 2020 27/01/2020 26/11/2021 $0.00
FSK20113 - WarwickCC - 2020 27/01/2020 26/11/2021 $0.00
FSK20113 - GrovesCC - 2020 28/07/2020 28/05/2022 $0.00
FSK20113 - LCC - 2020/2021 17/08/2020 05/11/2021 $0.00